Management Committee

Hans Peter Eberhard

Leiter Services
Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

«AGROLA is committed to the successful distribution of renewable energy. Green hydrogen is another piece of the puzzle in the implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050 and, as a founding member of the Association, we are actively involved on the front line.»

Martin Osterwalder

AVIA Mitglied, Management Osterwalder St. Gallen AG, President

«As a founding member of the Swiss H2 Association, AVIA is committed to the successful development of hydrogen mobility in Switzerland. The AVIA member companies with their Switzerland-wide, regionally strong anchorage want to jointly and actively contribute to a nation-wide network of hydrogen refuelling stations.»

Josef Jäger


Sébastien Jacquet

Management Coop

«In 2008 Coop voluntarily decided their operations to become CO2 emission free by 2023. Hydrogen mobility is regarded as one tool to adequately fulfil this mandate. The Swiss Hydrogen Association enlarges this commitment massively and is targeting a nationwide CO2 free mobility for Switzerland.»

Roger Oser

Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung

«The future will create a set of various energy sources for different mobility applications. Hydrogen from sustainable production is one of them. Coop Mineraloel AG is an active member of the Swiss H2 Association in order to successfully kick-off the transition to this clean and environmentally friendly form of mobility – together with its partners, here and now.»

Daniel Bischof

Leiter Departement Energie Fenaco

«As a company of Swiss farmers, fenaco is committed to the principles of sustainability. Through major changes in mobility and sustainability, we are adapting our existing range of services and developing new products and services.»

Andreas Flütsch

Unternehmensleiter Migrol AG

«Migrol sees the development of new business areas as a high priority, and hydrogen could become the “fuel of the future”. Therefore, we support the establishment of a Switzerland-wide network of H2 filling stations and plan to build several independent stations in the coming years. In spring 2018, Migrol created the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association in partnership with various large Swiss companies.»

Rainer Deutschmann

Leiter Direktion Logistik Transport, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

«Fully bound and committed to a sustainable environment, Migros establishes solutions making a difference for our society. Resource efficient means of transport for rail and road traffic are part of this. This is why we also have become founding member of the Swiss Hydrogen Association.»