To speed up the dissemination of H2 technology, the association wishes to bring together experts, companies, research institutions and other interested parties from all areas of hydrogen technology in Switzerland (production, sales and consumption).

The association is also working directly with specialist companies and maintaining contact with national and international institutions that are involved in promoting hydrogen mobility.

The partners in the cross-sector hydrogen ecosystem

  • H2 Energy Holding AG, is a business innovator for renewable energies.

H2 Energy comprises experienced entrepreneurs and renowned technology experts. H2 Energy was founded in August 2014 with the goal of stopping climate change and making hydrogen from renewable energy a cornerstone of the energy system. At the beginning of December 2020, Trafigura, a globally leading commodity trader, invested in H2 Energy.

  • Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG, a joint venture between Hyundai and H2 Energy.

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG is based in Switzerland. It is a partnership between Hyundai Motor Company, Korea and H2 Energy, the Swiss hydrogen pioneer. Its goal is to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future by providing emission-free commercial vehicles under a pay-per-use model.

  • Hydrospider AG, a joint venture between Alpiq, H2 Energy and Linde/PanGas.

Hydrospider safeguards production, procurement and logistics for green hydrogen from CO2-free production. Hydrospider was created in early 2019 from a partnership between the Swiss hydrogen pioneer H2 Energy and Alpiq, a leading Swiss electricity producer and energy service provider. The two companies each hold 45% of the shares in Hydrospider AG. The other 10% are held by the Linde Group of Germany. Linde is one of the world’s leading industrial gas and engineering companies and is active in more than 100 countries. In Switzerland, it operates under the name PanGas.

  • H2 Mobility Switzerland Association.

The H2 Mobility Switzerland Association has set itself the goal of establishing a nationwide network of hydrogen filling stations in Switzerland. In May 2018, Agrola AG, AVIA Vereinigung, Coop, Coop Mineraloel AG, fenaco Genossenschaft, Migrol AG and Migros-Genossenschaftsbund founded the association as a joint platform specifically in order to promote and accelerate the establishment of hydrogen mobility in Switzerland. In addition to the founding members, the following members also belong to the association: Camion Transport AG, Chr. Cavegn AG, Emil Frey Group, Emmi Schweiz AG, F. Murpf AG, Galliker AG, Gebrüder Weiss AG, G. Leclerc Transport AG, Schöni Transport AG, Shell New Fuels, Socar Energy Switzerland, Streck Transport AG, Tamoil SA, Von Bergen SA.





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