The H2 Mobility Switzerland Association, founded in May this year, is growing rapidly. The eight Swiss companies that founded or have since become members of the association are now joined by two heavyweights of the mobility sector: the Emil Frey Group and Shell (Switzerland) AG as part of the multinational corporation.

Hydrogen mobility in Switzerland is steadily gaining ground. Alongside the intended expansion of infrastructure on a national level, an increasing number of car, bus, commercial vehicle and even train manufacturers are investing in the benefits of this efficient form of technology. The members of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association are playing an active role in swiftly establishing a Swiss filling station network on a private-enterprise basis. With the addition of the two new members, the Emil Frey Group and Shell (Switzerland) AG, this decisive plan continues to gather momentum.

Emil Frey Group and Toyota AG

According to Marcel Guerry, Managing Director of the Emil Frey Group Switzerland: “We can only emphasize the fact that we consider sustainably produced hydrogen to be a vital alternative solution for the future of road transport. Its remarkable range, short refuelling time and zero CO2 emissions are just a few arguments in favour of this form of electromobility. Our first Swiss customers driving the mass-produced Toyota Mirai absolutely love this technology! All the more reason to get an extensive filling station network up and running as soon as possible.


Oliver Bishop, General Manager at Shell Hydrogen, explains: “Hydrogen technology is a highly promising solution and hydrogen is an ideal fuel for clean mobility. We believe that this alternative power source will play an increasingly significant role over the next decade – in markets such as Germany, the UK, Benelux, the USA and Japan as well as in Switzerland. At Shell, we’re right on target.”

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